Kozyrev mirrors – a time machine, travel to anywhere


The Past, present and future is here and now. By removing blockages and expanding the consciousness, we are able to gain access to information from the past and the future.
Science researches in Dixon with the use of “Kozyrev’s Mirrors” open access to the information field of the land and perceive the flow of energy-time from the future which provides a unique opportunity for the researchers to get estimates, timely information for many cosmic and earth events concerning the geopolitical situation, threat to life, public welfare and human health.
Аfter 73 degrees northern latitude the “passage of the time” is changing and access to information from the future can be detected. The future is present in the present.
“The active properties of time – “its flow and density“- connect the word in a singular whole and they can affect phenomena which do not have direct material connections, which may explain the facts of the interactions between biological objects located at a great distance or isolated from one another”. (N. A. Kozyrev  1991).


In early February 2012 at the north Russian island of Dioxon curious experiments took place with devices known as the mirrors of Kozyrev.
In September 2010 the famous magazine journal of personality and social psychology published an article by a famous American physicist prof. Daryl Bem, specializing in social psychology, which claims that people can receive signals from the future – “most of these signals are weak, but entirely credible,” says the author.
The conclusion of Prof. Bem is based on multiple attempts with 1100 of his students.  Each member had computer monitor, divided into two equal parts, sealed with blinds impervious to light. The boys and the girls were to guess if there is any image of the two halves. Images are submitted by computer which is supported by a random number generator. WARNING: Their appearance showed up with a little delay i.e  they show up on the half of the monitors in 2.54 seconds after the “guinea pig” says where the picture is. When the image had an emotional fill – representing for example an erotic scene, the number of the correct answers was 63% (versus 50% in others images). As the results of many of the attempts were the same, prof. Bem rightly said: “the future sends to the participants an emotional joker which some of them catch.”
An important detail: on the top of the head of every student there was a concave metal mirror which is created by the Russian astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev. Most often Kozyrev’s mirrors are made of aluminum twisted boards, but they are also made from copper, silver and others. It has been experimentally shown that the mental ability of people situated in their focus over several hours is multiplying: they are “grinding” information 5.6 times faster , and their  memory  is 3.2 times more helpful;. Some of them suddenly start to speak in foreign languages which are never studied before. Others start to sing like a nightingale. Third make complex mathematical calculations for seconds. 83% of participants in the experience with the Kozyrev’s mirrors have a special feeling: participate in historical events centuries ago, moves objects in space without physical contact with them, transmission and reception thoughts from distance (NOTE: In some cases telepathic information can be obtained  few hours before broadcast from the HUMAN ANTENNA!) And others: Part of the “guinea pigs” have strange visions.
It turned out that Kozyrev’s mirrors may heighten our sensitivity.
That is what happened on the 5th of October 1996 in St. Petersburg. Natalia Selcuk, niece of the famous Russian artist Mikhail Ugrinov  enters the bathroom of her apartment.
”I Filled the tub, I put mineral salts and algae and I crawled into it. After 10 minutes on the one of the walls suddenly appeared an image of uncle misha, painted by crystals of salts and green algae, ” said the woman. Then she found that while she was in an aromatic bath, her famous relative was looking for her on the mobile phone. I called him and he said that he was involved in interesting experiment: being at the focus of a special device (Mirror of Kozyrev), he was thinking of me while  I was making the spa treatments, “continues Natalia Yaselchuk.


Scientific explanation of incident can be only one: The equipment created by Kozyrev is materializing human thoughts.
 In December 24, 1990, Russian researchers performed a curious experiment with the mirrors of Kozyrev, installed in Dixon island. On focus of the unit are placed paintings by Nicholas Roerich “HEROES OF THE EAST” and around it immediately arose a force field. After a few seconds the apparatus registered magnetic biolocational anomalies and a sphere made of plasma.
Over the building where the experiments was taking place , a disc-shaped moving  object was seen. Scientists say that these phenomena are reactions of the earth’s informational field embedded in it with the mirror of Kozyrev’s human thoughts.
How would this field react if messages from an extraterrestrial intelligence fall within its focus?!


Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev (2.9.1908 27.2.1983) is a superexotic example. He is a very gifted astronomer with his own point of view, and an enigmatic personality. Many of his colleagues considered him an idiot – because they do not accept his Theory of Time, one of the biggest nails in the coffin of classical physics. But the incredible Russian is popular all over the world not with this theory, but with his mirror. For Half a century an army of physicists would give anything to penetrate the secrets to these devices, but their efforts were to end in complete failure.
  • According to the theory of the academic – Kozyrev – time is material, it handles energy a rate greater than that of light, the time can intervene in events to energize them or, conversely, to gain energy from them.
  • Kozyrev argues that nuclear reactions cannot arise in the core of planets. Under his theory the celestial bodies are something like “machines that make energy.”
Experiments have show that people in the focus of his mirrors receive and transmit their thoughts from a distance.


The Russian scientist professor Ernst Muldashev in books and interviews about the results of his expedition in Tibet says that in the “City of Gods” him and his companions have found a huge stone structure similar to the mirrors of  time of Kozyrev. Tibetan lamas have also called these constructions “Mirrors” and they believed that the man who felled under their influence, sees the rest of his life in an instant. According to some researchers, the stone is capable of receiving, stabilizing and transmitting the energy of  time. As Milushev claims, at the Tibetan texts have noted that “thought is time , and  man thinks with the energy of this time”.
For Newton , time was given by god, Einstein defines it as a direct illusion and explains that it is dependant on the location of the observer in space, it`s speed and  also its gravity.
“It’s a question of discipline,’ Said the little prince. As you’re preparing yourself each morning you must also take care of the planet.”
 – From “The Little Prince,” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


The main program tasks of the institute is the study of the life substance of planet Earth as cosmoplanetary phenomenon, study of the influence of  cosmic factors on the biosphere, the evolution of bio-systems and human health, development and field inspection of new methods applied in ecology, agronomy, the food industry and health/ methods for the enhancement of protein synthesis, without medications of the helio-dependant cardiovascular diseases and their complications, as well as limiting the acceleration of the aging of the body of man.
For centuries, since man emerged on earth, he wonders – can he change the past and is there a way to rediscover the secret curtain of the future. Humanity is not content with living just here and now.
 During long years of work of the Russian scientists, extending the narrow framework of mainstream science, they prove that –past and future exist in the present. Time is not just an even ticking of the clock.
Intuiting the fine line between science, religion and mysticism the scientists from the International Institute of Space Anthropology, have opened a door to the world of harmony, physical and mental health.
Access to the informational hydrosphere and noospehere from the Ice Ages – i.e. towards water in its cosmic dimension.